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Rick Rouse

Rick Rouse

It’s human nature to want to share the things we like with others, and I certainly do enjoying sharing. My interests are broad and varied, which makes it a virtual certainty that you and I will like some of the same things.

The purpose of this blog is to allow you to gain a little insight into the things that make me tick. Some you will like, some you will love, and others you’ll find boring and bland.

That’s the beauty of life. We can share our likes with others, and hopefully all learn a little something while having a little fun!

As you peruse the pages of this blog, you’ll find posts that I think are funny, newsworthy, and hopefully useful in our everyday lives. There are lots of general comments and reviews. I hope you find something that you enjoy reading. If so, I hope you’ll consider passing it along to your friends.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day!