Finally, a cup that won’t tip over when you bump it!

mighty-mugWouldn’t you just love to have a cup that won’t tip over when you accidentally bump it with your elbow or someone jars the table?

While I don’t know of a cup that is completely immune to spills, the amazing Mighty Mug comes pretty close.

The secret to the Mighty Mug’s stability is its specially engineered bottom.

When placed on any flat, smooth surface, this cup grips it with enough force to prevent itself from being knocked over by accident, yet it easily lifts straight up from the table when you’re ready to take a drink.

The Mighty Mug is double-walled to keep your cold drinks cold, and it can be used either with or without the included flex straw.

Check out this video that shows the Mighty Mug in action… [Continue Reading]

How to keep your outside dog safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather

climate-right-cr2500ach-doghouseIf you have a dog that lives outside year round, it’s important to take steps to ensure that he/she is comfortable in both summer and winter.

After all, if it’s too hot or too cold for you, it’s probably going to be uncomfortable for your dog as well.

Even worse, smaller dogs and dogs with short hair can easily freeze to death when the temperature plunges below freezing.

Luckily, there are products out there that can both heat and cool your outside dog house as the weather changes. [Continue Reading]

Pet Peeve: Self-Checkout registers that won’t let me check out!

self-checkoutI’ve always thought it silly for a customer to have to stand in a long line waiting to check out at the grocery store when you only have a handful of items to pay for.

Surely they could come up with a faster, more efficient way to handle us “quick in and quick out” customers.

The self-checkout register was invented for just that purpose. If you have just a few items in your basket, self-checkout lets you scan them yourself, bag them, and pay for them quickly so you can be on your way. This also helps the store keep the lines at their regular cash registers moving better. [Continue Reading]

Just asking…Do you think this laptop is over priced?

asus-laptopAs regular readers of this blog know, I’m a huge fan of Amazon and I often recommend them to others.

I check out what’s new on Amazon pretty much every day, and every now and then I’ll run across something that makes me scratch my head and wonder “Are they really serious?”.

And so it was this morning. I was browsing through Amazon’s laptop selection when I saw this listing for a Samsung Series 9 NP900X3E-A02US 13.3-Inch Full HD 1080p Premium Ultrabook.

Now this a powerful laptop, to be sure. But is it really worth what the seller is asking for it? I’ll let you be the judge…

Hint: This is a more realistic price for this machine.

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Video: How would you like to do THIS for a living?

crazy-jobThere are so many different ways to make a living out there, and some of them are absolutely mind-blowing.

There are fun jobs. There are exciting jobs. And of course there are boring jobs that make one pray for the work-day to end.

Well, the fellow in the video below has a job that’s about as far from boring as one can get. It surely takes nerves of steel and the ability to constantly focus on the task at hand.

I know I couldn’t do it. Could you?

Click on the video and check it out… [Continue Reading]

How to maximize your kitchen/pantry storage space

decobros-pantry-organizerAre your kitchen cabinets loaded to the brim with stacks of canned goods?

Is your pantry overflowing to the point where you can’t find a thing that you’re looking for?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you need to check out this gadget I just saw on Amazon!

The DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer will help you easily organize your cabinets and pantry by neatly storing up to 36 cans and dispensing them as needed. [Continue Reading]

Like watermelon? Check this out!

watermelon-slicerIn my opinion, there’s nothing better than a nice, cool slice of watermelon at the end of a long, hot summer day.

The sweet, juicy goodness of a ripe melon simply can’t be beat when I need a refreshing respite from the heat.

But as much as I love chowing down on a juicy watermelon, I’m not all that fond of slicing them. They’re slippery, messy, and just plain hard to work with.

As luck would have it, I’ve found this awesome watermelon slicer that makes slicing a melon into uniform slices both fast and easy – and it doesn’t make a mess! Check it out in this short video: [Continue Reading]

Love camping, but hate sleeping on the ground? Check this out!

cot-tentDo you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, but hate sleeping on the cold, rocky ground?

Or do you lie awake under the stars worrying that some creepy-crawly thing might climb into the sleeping bag with you during the night?

If so, you can avoid those negative aspects of camping by getting yourself a cot tent.

In a nutshell, cot tents are more or less just traditional tents with a cot underneath them. They excel at getting you off the ground and out of reach of most pesky critters. And of course you’ll stay high and dry during times of wet weather.[Continue Reading]