How to repair your damaged windshield for about $10

rainx-windshield-repair-kitA few years back I was following a truck down the interstate when it kicked up a gravel and threw it into my windshield. I heard a loud pop, and sure enough the impact took a nickel-sized chip of glass out of the driver’s side of the windshield.

As you might expect, that little gravel ended up ruining my entire day! I knew I had to have the chip repaired before cracks could start spreading or I’d eventually have to replace the entire windshield – which would cost an arm and a leg!

It ended up costing me almost $100 to have that chipped windshield repaired, but I have since learned that I could have easily repaired it myself for just a few bucks with an inexpensive windshield repair kit. [Continue Reading]

Review: Ampro T45870 1/2-Inch Drive Color Coded Socket/Ratchet Set

ampro-t45870-socket-ratchet-set-smallA while back I found myself in need of a 1/2 inch drive socket/ratchet set, so I logged onto Amazon to see what I could find.

After scoping out the various options I decided to give the Ampro T45870 1/2-Inch Drive Color Coded Socket Set a try, and it turned out to be a very wise decision. [Continue Reading]

How to save big by doing your own oil changes

oil-changeIf you’re like me, you probably try to save money whenever you can by doing your own simple repairs and maintenance. Most common tasks are relatively simple as long as you have a decent guide to follow.

One of the simplest maintenance tasks you can perform on your vehicle is a standard oil change.

You can easily save 50% or more by purchasing the oil and oil filter at Walmart or your local auto parts store, then performing a DIY oil change on your vehicle.  The entire process shouldn’t take more that 30 minutes! [Continue Reading]

How to keep a snowplow from re-blocking your driveway after you have shoveled it

snowplowIf you live in a region that gets measurable snow during the winter, you have probably shoveled your driveway only to have a snowplow come along and block your entrance yet again.

I know how frustrating that is, because it happened to me (again!) a couple of days ago!

Well, thanks to this awesome short video from the Missouri Department of Transportation, it won’t be happening again. Check it out: [Continue Reading]

Why you need to keep a portable jump starter in your vehicle

portable-jump-starterIf you’ve ever tried to start your car only to discover that your battery was dead, you know what a pain that can be.

In all likelihood you had to either beg a stranger for a jump start or pay out the nose to have a tow truck come over and jump off your car. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we no longer have to rely on the kindness of strangers when we find ourselves faced with a dead battery. An inexpensive portable jump starter can have your car started up and running in no time! [Continue Reading]

Has your vehicle been recalled? Find out right now.

safercar-gov-logoIs it just me, or does it seem like the government issues another automobile safety recall every single day?

Some cars are recalled over what many consider to be trivial matters, but the majority of recalls are issued in order to get dangerous safety issues taken care of as quickly as possible.

It’s scary to think that millions of Americans are driving on our nation’s highways in cars and trucks that have outstanding safety recalls, and they aren’t even aware of them. Are you one of them? [Continue Reading]

Yes, you really can save 15% by switching to GEICO. But let me tell you a secret…

geico-logoUnless you’ve been living on a deserted island for a while you’ve surely seen all those GEICO commercials explaining how switching your auto insurance to GEICO could save you 15% or more.

Well let me tell you a secret. No, lets make that two secrets: [Continue Reading]

Google’s self-driving car causes its first accident

A couple of months ago I wrote a post discussing how Google has built a self-driving car. Since then, several cities and at least one state have declared these driver-less vehicles to be legal on their highways.

Well, we all knew it had to happen sooner or later, and it has. One of Google’s self-driving vehicles has been involved in its first auto accident.

This is how it all apparently went down according to San Francisco’s local NBC affiliate: [Continue Reading]