How to keep your outside dog safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather

climate-right-cr2500ach-doghouseIf you have a dog that lives outside year round, it’s important to take steps to ensure that he/she is comfortable in both summer and winter.

After all, if it’s too hot or too cold for you, it’s probably going to be uncomfortable for your dog as well.

Even worse, smaller dogs and dogs with short hair can easily freeze to death when the temperature plunges below freezing.

Luckily, there are products out there that can both heat and cool your outside dog house as the weather changes. [Continue Reading]

How to maximize your kitchen/pantry storage space

decobros-pantry-organizerAre your kitchen cabinets loaded to the brim with stacks of canned goods?

Is your pantry overflowing to the point where you can’t find a thing that you’re looking for?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you need to check out this gadget I just saw on Amazon!

The DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer will help you easily organize your cabinets and pantry by neatly storing up to 36 cans and dispensing them as needed. [Continue Reading]

Like watermelon? Check this out!

watermelon-slicerIn my opinion, there’s nothing better than a nice, cool slice of watermelon at the end of a long, hot summer day.

The sweet, juicy goodness of a ripe melon simply can’t be beat when I need a refreshing respite from the heat.

But as much as I love chowing down on a juicy watermelon, I’m not all that fond of slicing them. They’re slippery, messy, and just plain hard to work with.

As luck would have it, I’ve found this awesome watermelon slicer that makes slicing a melon into uniform slices both fast and easy – and it doesn’t make a mess! Check it out in this short video: [Continue Reading]

Do you ever feel crowded by your shower curtain? Read this!

curvitDo you ever find yourself wishing that your shower was just a little wider?

I do, and I often fiddle around with the shower curtain trying to get it to “pooch out” in order to create a little more space inside the tub.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like having the shower curtain touching my skin while I’m taking a shower, and it seems like my body is a magnet that draws the shower curtain right to it!

I guess a “touchy” shower curtain is really no big deal, but it’s pretty annoying nonetheless.

Well, I just found the perfect answer to this irritating problem. It’s a nifty little device called the Curvit Simple Curved Shower Rod[Continue Reading]

Review: Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc Chain Saw

poulan-pro-pp5020av-chainsawI ended up cutting about three cords of firewood this summer for use in my fireplace insert, and I cut every stick of it with my 9 year old 14″ Homelite chainsaw.

That old saw sure has served me well over the years, but unfortunately it’s just about worn out.

I’ve been looking for a good replacement saw for a while now, and as luck would have it the UPS man pulled into my driveway a couple of days ago with a brand spanking new Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc chain saw for me to test and review. [Continue Reading]

Video: How to tie a Necktie in 10 seconds

tie-a-tie-in-10-secondsIf you rarely wear a tie, on the rare occasions when you do have to wear one, getting it tied correctly and making it look good can be an exercise in frustration.

Well, the fellow in the video below is going to demonstrate a technique for tying a tie in as little as 10 seconds, and the finished result will look great!

Check it out… [Continue Reading]

Check out this unique way to remove a stump from your yard

tree-stump-removal-with-fireI’m sure you are familiar with the way most people use a stump grinder to remove a tree stump from their yard, but there’s another way that I had never heard of until I saw the video below.

As you can see, the guy in the video uses an old metal fireplace to literally burn the stump right out of the ground.

Check out the video..
[Continue Reading]

Can living in a tiny house ensure a more comfortable retirement?

tiny-houseI’ve been following the “Tiny House” movement for some time now, and I recently read a blog post that intrigued me and really got my creative juices flowing.

The post explained how downsizing to a tiny 370 square foot house allowed the writer and his wife to enjoy a much happier and less stressful retirement. And what he said really makes a lot of sense.

According to the author, moving into a tiny home reduced the couple’s expenses and enhanced their lives in all the following ways: [Continue Reading]