Finally, a cup that won’t tip over when you bump it!

mighty-mugWouldn’t you just love to have a cup that won’t tip over when you accidentally bump it with your elbow or someone jars the table?

While I don’t know of a cup that is completely immune to spills, the amazing Mighty Mug comes pretty close.

The secret to the Mighty Mug’s stability is its specially engineered bottom.

When placed on any flat, smooth surface, this cup grips it with enough force to prevent itself from being knocked over by accident, yet it easily lifts straight up from the table when you’re ready to take a drink.

The Mighty Mug is double-walled to keep your cold drinks cold, and it can be used either with or without the included flex straw.

Check out this video that shows the Mighty Mug in action… [Continue Reading]

Love camping, but hate sleeping on the ground? Check this out!

cot-tentDo you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, but hate sleeping on the cold, rocky ground?

Or do you lie awake under the stars worrying that some creepy-crawly thing might climb into the sleeping bag with you during the night?

If so, you can avoid those negative aspects of camping by getting yourself a cot tent.

In a nutshell, cot tents are more or less just traditional tents with a cot underneath them. They excel at getting you off the ground and out of reach of most pesky critters. And of course you’ll stay high and dry during times of wet weather.[Continue Reading]

Could this be the most amazing “lumberjack” ever?

Our family cut and burned a lot of firewood when I was growing up, and I still burn wood in my fireplace today. I enjoy cutting my own wood now that we have chainsaws, but it’s still a lot of work.

I just ran across a short video demonstration of an amazing “mechanical lumberjack” that would surely make cutting firewood SO much easier.

But I have a feeling that cutting firewood isn’t what this machine was designed for since it automatically cuts the logs into “lumber” lengths.

Check out the video and see what you think: [Continue Reading]

Do you remember when…?

Sapling Mountain Rd at Chapel Hill Rd, Madison County NC

Do you remember when…?

  • a bottle of pop cost just a nickle?
  • you bought a bottle of pop by inserting a nickle into a pop machine, then pulling the bottle out of its slot by the neck?
  • you could buy loose candy at the price of three pieces for a penny – and a dime’s worth of candy would fill a decent-size paper bag? 

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Constitution 101: Take Hillsdale College’s most popular course for free!

hillsdale-consitution-101-logoMichigan’s Hillsdale College has been promoting traditional American values on its campus and through its curricula since the day it was founded way back in 1844.

Hillsdale is so committed to its students and to our country that they made the decision to stop accepting any federal taxpayer money (federal student loans, federal grants, etc.) in order to keep their policies and courses of study free from federal mandates and interference in the educational process.

This decision (made in 1984) has allowed Hillsdale faculty and students to remain free from the political correctness that has infiltrated and shaped the college experience at so many other American institutions of higher learning. [Continue Reading]

Is this the best way ever to wrap gifts? I think so…

wrapping-a-giftWrapping gifts has never been easy for me. I always tend to take twice as long as necessary, waste wrapping paper and tape, and just generally make a mess of things.

But now I’ve learned a quick and easy way to wrap my packages in seconds while using the bare minimum amount of wrapping paper and tape. And better yet, the finished wrap looks awesome!

If you’d like to see how it’s done, watch this great video… [Continue Reading]

65 places where veterans and active duty military receive a discount

Most Americans appreciate the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform willingly make to protect our country and our freedom. Without them, our liberty and American way of life could be lost virtually overnight.

Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel don’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. They do whatever it takes, day in and day out, to keep us safe, secure and free. [Continue Reading]

How to build a 45 degree Miter Sled for making perfect picture frames

miter-sledI dabble in woodworking, and one of my favorite projects is building picture frames from scrap wood. Using a home-built frame always adds a bit of personality to each of the photos that I frame.

In the past I have always simply angled the blade on my table saw to 45 degrees in order to cut the corners of the frame, but that sometimes left small gaps in the corners because it’s difficult to get the blade positioned at a perfect 45 degree angle. [Continue Reading]