Pet Peeve: Self-Checkout registers that won’t let me check out!

self-checkoutI’ve always thought it silly for a customer to have to stand in a long line waiting to check out at the grocery store when you only have a handful of items to pay for.

Surely they could come up with a faster, more efficient way to handle us “quick in and quick out” customers.

The self-checkout register was invented for just that purpose. If you have just a few items in your basket, self-checkout lets you scan them yourself, bag them, and pay for them quickly so you can be on your way. This also helps the store keep the lines at their regular cash registers moving better. [Continue Reading]

Just asking…Do you think this laptop is over priced?

asus-laptopAs regular readers of this blog know, I’m a huge fan of Amazon and I often recommend them to others.

I check out what’s new on Amazon pretty much every day, and every now and then I’ll run across something that makes me scratch my head and wonder “Are they really serious?”.

And so it was this morning. I was browsing through Amazon’s laptop selection when I saw this listing for a Samsung Series 9 NP900X3E-A02US 13.3-Inch Full HD 1080p Premium Ultrabook.

Now this a powerful laptop, to be sure. But is it really worth what the seller is asking for it? I’ll let you be the judge…

Hint: This is a more realistic price for this machine.

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Video: See how far computer technology has advanced since the early days

univac-logoThose of us who are old enough to remember the early days of computing are well aware of just how far computer technology has advanced since then.

Computers that used to fill entire rooms had just a tiny fraction of the computing power, speed and storage capacity of even the cheapest models of today’s smart phones and tablets.

This ancient (in tech years) 1956 ad from Univac gives us a glimpse of what was once considered state-of-the-art in computer technology. Check it out! [Continue Reading]

Hate passwords as much as I do? Check this out!

password-comedyHaving to deal with passwords is one of my least favorite tasks when using the Internet and logging into my many online accounts.

It seems like I’m constantly having to come up with a good password, then try my best to remember it along with the two dozen other passwords that I use every day.

I believe that sometimes a little humor can help us deal with some of life’s most irritating tasks. If you agree, check out this short, but funny comedy routine about passwords from comedian Don Friesen. And don’t worry, unlike most comedy routines, this one is completely “clean”. [Continue Reading]

Did you know that your phone tracks where you are 24/7 and logs that info into a database?

map-and-pinYou probably know that your phone is constantly tracking your location via GPS and cell tower triangulation, but did you know that all of that data is stored in a database?

Well, it’s true, and it would be easy for someone with access to that database to determine exactly where you were at any given time on any given day.

If all goes well, it won’t really matter because there is little likelihood that anyone will ever snoop into your whereabouts, but you just never know. [Continue Reading]

Instantly find out the current time in any city in the world with Google

google-logoGoogle is hands-down one of the handiest websites on the Internet. In addition to having the best search engine, they also offer countless tools, shortcuts and calculators that make most any task as easy as it can be.

I just discovered a new Google trick that I’d like to share with you (well, it’s new to me at least). I hope you find it useful. [Continue Reading]

Keep your cell phone calls private and secure by encrypting them with a free app

encrypted-calls-logoWith all the news about the NSA spying on the communications of everyday Americans, one could easily become paranoid about using  a smart phone to make a voice call.

But what most people don’t realize is that the NSA isn’t the only entity that actively spies on us. With the right combination of hardware and software, a crook that lives just down the street or a hacker that lives in a far-away place can intercept your private calls as well. [Continue Reading]

Give your Android device a Recycle Bin with the free Dumpster app

dumpster-app-logoHave you ever deleted a photo or other file from your Android device, only to regret it later and wish you could undelete it? Of course we all have at one time or another, but the typical Android device doesn’t give us that option.

An awesome free app called Dumpster adds a Windows-style “Recycle Bin” to Android, allowing us to restore files that have been deleted from our devices with just a few simple taps.

Dumpster works a lot like the familiar Windows Recycle Bin. Simply open it up at any time to view a list of deleted files, then “restore” any files that you’d like to recover. It’s really just that simple. [Continue Reading]