Autumn on the Virginia Creeper Trail

creeper-trail1Many folks consider autumn to be the most beautiful time of the year here in the Mountain Empire, and I happen to agree.

Before long the leaves will begin to “turn” and the hot afternoon temps will cool down a bit, making it the perfect time to enjoy the natural beauty that the Creator has blessed our region with.

If you’re looking for a great way to take in the upcoming fall scenery, I recommend planning a day trip to the small town of Damascus, Virginia for a bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail! [Continue Reading]

Planning a vacation? Visit TravelSense first!

travelsense-logoIf you travel often you probably already know all the travel tips and tricks there are. But if you only travel once or twice a year (or even less), you might consider yourself a novice traveler.

I traveled quite a bit back in my Army days, and I felt like I knew the ins-and-outs of travel about as well as anyone. But after spending some time on a great website called TravelSense I came to realize that I actually knew very little about the travel game. And in many ways, it really is a game! [Continue Reading]

Why you should include a picture of your house when you email directions to someone

houseHave you ever received an email that contained directions to someone’s house, only to have trouble figuring out which house was the right one after you got there?

That seems to happen a lot, even in this era of 911 and the wide-spread use of house numbers. The number signs can become loose and blow away with the wind, and some homeowners simply choose not to put them up! [Continue Reading]

My dream vacation: Australia and New Zealand

SONY DSCI guess we all have our own personal “dream vacation” – that one place that we’d love to visit before we pass on into eternity.

Some folks would love to simply hit the road in an RV and travel for a year, but others long to travel to some distant, exotic land.

There are several places that I’d love to visit at some point during my lifetime, but my dream vacation would take me far to south to the countries of Australia and New Zealand. [Continue Reading]