Love camping, but hate sleeping on the ground? Check this out!

cot-tentDo you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, but hate sleeping on the cold, rocky ground?

Or do you lie awake under the stars worrying that some creepy-crawly thing might climb into the sleeping bag with you during the night?

If so, you can avoid those negative aspects of camping by getting yourself a cot tent.

In a nutshell, cot tents are more or less just traditional tents with a cot underneath them. They excel at getting you off the ground and out of reach of most pesky critters. And of course you’ll stay high and dry during times of wet weather.

The well-designed cot tents from Kamp-Right come in an easy-to-carry storage bag, and they are fast and easy to set up. In fact, you can have your cot tent set up and ready to use just five minutes after arriving at your campsite!

cot-tent-openSimply spread your sleeping bag over the cot, close the mesh doors and windows, and then drift off to sleep in comfort.

If you enjoy camping alone you can get a cot tent that was made for one person. Couples can opt for a double unit.

In my humble opinion, a cot tent is the perfect tool for a truly enjoyable camping experience.

Check out the Single and Double Kamp-Right cot tents at Amazon.

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