Finally, a cup that won’t tip over when you bump it!

mighty-mugWouldn’t you just love to have a cup that won’t tip over when you accidentally bump it with your elbow or someone jars the table?

While I don’t know of a cup that is completely immune to spills, the amazing Mighty Mug comes pretty close.

The secret to the Mighty Mug’s stability is its specially engineered bottom.

When placed on any flat, smooth surface, this cup grips it with enough force to prevent itself from being knocked over by accident, yet it easily lifts straight up from the table when you’re ready to take a drink.

The Mighty Mug is double-walled to keep your cold drinks cold, and it can be used either with or without the included flex straw.

Check out this video that shows the Mighty Mug in action… 

Pretty neat, huh?

The Mighty Mug comes in a variety of colors, its flip-top lid help prevent spilling while you’re holding it in your hand and it easily fits in a standard cup holder. What’s not to love?

Bottom line: This really is an amazing mug!

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